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Results-Oriented? Visionnaire’s Two Anti-Aging Products For Younger-Looking Skin

Include these anti-aging rock stars from Visionnaire in your routine for fewer fine lines and brighter, younger-looking skin.

Though getting older has its benefits, seeing age manifest itself physically can be disconcerting. Luckily, we live in an age of constant skincare innovation: Lancôme’s catalog alone includes four different skin care lines dedicated to reduce the visible effects of skin aging- or in the case of Visionnaire, reduce visible signs of age. Now, we’re continuing Visionnaire’s corrective, dermatology-inspired approach to aging skin with the new Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ 0.2% Retinol serum, and Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ Vitamin C 15% serum.

How to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and visibly uneven texture

The solution: Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ 0.2% Retinol Serum

You may have already heard of retinol, which is often used as a facial treatment for a host of different skin concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Derived from Vitamin A, it has earned serious clout among skin care experts in particular for its ability to promote cell turnover. Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ 0.2% Retinol serum combines retinol with a plant-based Jasmonate derivative, as well as another skin favorite, hyaluronic acid, which helps hydrate the skin. After four weeks of nightly use, you can expect visibly firmer skin, more even-looking complexion, along with a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

Dos & Don’ts of Applying the Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ 0.2% Retinol Serum

Dos: Use only at night on freshly-cleansed skin and follow with your usual moisturizing skin care routine. Come daytime, be sure to use a moisturizer with an SPF rating of 15 or higher. (Heads up: this skincare product is best used for a month at a time as opposed to year-round.)

Don’ts: Avoid if you have sensitive skin, don’t apply to lips and eyes, and don’t combine with any other products containing retinol. If you’re already using other Visionnaire products (including the original serum or Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ 15% Vitamin-C serum) avoid layering them with Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ 0.2% Retinol serum.

How to improve dull, uneven skin and loss of elasticity

The solution: Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ 15% Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties have made it both a staple skin care ingredient, as well as the natural remedy of choice come cold season. It is hailed by skin care experts for its potent brightening effects, and there’s evidence that it's also effective at neutralizing free radicals. Skin Solutions™ 15% Vitamin-C serum contains a high concentration of Vitamin C, so with regular use, skin appears the way it does after a good night’s sleep: firmer, refreshed, and luminous, with a more even skin tone.

Dos & Don’ts of Applying the Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ 15% Vitamin-C Concentrate

Dos: Use the concentrate in the morning on clean skin, followed by your daily moisturizer. Vitamin-C can make skin more sensitive to the sun, so we recommend applying sunscreen or moisturizer SPF 15 before going out. Shake before use!

Don’ts: Don’t use the serum more than once per day, don’t combine with Visionnaire Skin Solutions™ 0.2% Retinol serum, and avoid use if you’re prone to sensitive skin. As usual, avoid applying to the eye and lip area.


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