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Cómo elegir nuestro mejor lápiz labial mate para cada ocasión

Puntas de lápices labiales de color rojo y rojo intenso con una textura de lápiz labial mate.

There are a lot of lipstick colors and textures to choose from, but matte lipsticks are in a class of their own. (No offense to lip gloss, of course.) Velvety and sophisticated, they allow the color to take center stage and offer a sensual feel. But not all matte lipsticks are created equal. Some offer soft pigment for an effortless look, while others are more intense and dramatic. The color matters too. A red matte lipstick makes a bold statement, while a nude lipstick is easy for everyday wear. Here, our guide for choosing our best matte lipstick for whenever, wherever.

Our Best Matte Lipstick for: Weekend Warriors

Dealing with a busy Saturday, starting with an al fresco brunch with a friend and ending at the grocery store? Then L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte might be the best matte lipstick for your packed day. The comfortable, non-drying formula is lightweight and has a bare-lip feel — plus, there’s no need to worry about touch-ups. (The more imperfect the application, the better — it’s all part of the blurred lipstick trend.) Try a shade like Love Rendez-vous, a nude lipstick shade with warm pink tones.

Our Best Matte Lipstick for: Work Meetings

If you’re looking to boost your confidence before you give a big presentation, a hydrating lipstick like L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick in a matte finish is your best bet for the occasion. It’s non-drying, won’t cake and leaves lips feeling comfortable and soft. In a rosy pink like Poême, this matte lipstick looks as polished and professional as you’ll feel.

Our Best Matte Lipstick for: A Big Event

For your next wedding or more formal party, bring on the bold with L’Absolu Rouge Drama Ink Matte Liquid Lipstick, an ultra-long lasting lipstick with a velvety semi-matte finish and ultimate color pay off in just one swipe. It’s highly pigmented and long-lasting (we’re talking all day wear here) but due to its ultra-thin water-in-oil formula it feels weightless and comfortable. Best of all, even with a matte lipstick in a rich and show-stopping shade like the Nuit Pourpre you can skip the lip brush and liner. Why you ask? It’s all thanks to the in-built patented curved applicator which applies the matte lipstick with ultimate precision and the perfect amount of color.

Our Best Matte Lipstick for: Date Night

Getting dressed up for a first (or 400th) date? Go with a matte lipstick that’s lightweight and low-maintenance, like L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte. The blurred matte lipstick effect is as sexy as it gets, and you won’t have to worry about it smudging while you eat or drink and talk. Any shade works, but a berry red lipstick color like Kind of Sexy is, well, kind of sexy and makes for the perfect date night lipstick.

Our Best Matte Lipstick for: A Night with Friends

Calling all night owls. Prepare for a night out — for dinner, cocktails, a gallery opening, whatever — with the bold pop of L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte, a long-lasting matte lipstick that leaves a powdery finish and intense color payoff. The magic here is that in the right shade, this matte lipstick elevates any outfit, whether you’re going with jeans or a dress. Be daring with the matte lipstick shade Purple Fascination or go classic with Obsessive Red just make sure to apply your red lipstick correctly!

Ultimately, you can wear whatever intensity of matte lipstick that you want wherever you want — consider this more of a helpful guide than hard and fast rules. After all, with so many matte lipstick colors to choose from, why settle for just one?

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