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Corrector suave: Cómo evitar que el corrector forme pliegues

Picture this: you’ve applied your makeup and perfectly covered your dark circles – but you look in the mirror and you’ve noticed your concealer has started to settle into your fine lines. Concealer creasing can be frustrating, but it’s something you can prevent with the right concealer and a few helpful concealer tips.

What Causes Concealer to Crease?

When concealer creases product settles into fine lines, dry lines, skin folds, and wrinkles. The concealer “gathers” in these crevices and settles there creating an uneven look and a buildup of concealer in certain areas. There are several things that can cause concealer to crease:

  1. Dry Under Eyes and Lack of Moisture: If your skin is dry or dehydrated, it can often cause dry lines to appear or accentuate existing fine lines and wrinkles as there isn’t enough moisture or product on the skin to visibly plump and smooth the area. This can cause the concealer to settle and crease in these areas.
  2. Too Much Moisture & Excessive Oil: While it may sound contradictory, having too much moisture on the skin (or not letting your moisturizers fully absorb) can cause the skin to have too much “slip” and thus your concealer is likely to slide around. Oils and rich emollient ingredients on your skin can mix with the concealer and cause it to break down and settle into any creases and crevices on the skin.
  3. Using the Wrong Concealer Formula: Not all concealers are created equally, and some formulas are more likely to crease than others. Heavy, thick, full-coverage concealers and concealers that are either overly matte or too thick and creamy can emphasize fine lines and wrinkles.

5 Steps to Apply Crease-Free Concealer

Paso 1: Hydrate Skin. Dry skin can often result in dry lines and fine lines appearing more apparent on the skin due to the lack of moisture. Make sure to prep skin with a serum (try our Advanced Génifique Face Serum which improves elasticity and the look of fine lines caused by dehydration or due to thinning skin – used morning and night, the serum visibly hydrates, plumps skin over time). After using a serum, apply a moisturizer and follow up with sunscreen if wearing makeup during the day time.

Paso 2: Hydrate and moisturize under eyes: Beyond your regular skincare routine make sure you pay special attention to the eye area. Use an eye serum underneath the eyes like our Advanced Génifique Light Pearl Eye Serum which hydrates the under eyes, leaving skin feeling tightened and lifted. After using an under-eye serum follow up with a moisturizing eye cream. Our Advanced Génifique Eye Cream instantly smooths fine lines caused by dehydration or due to thinning skin making it great for use under concealer.

Paso 3: Allow skincare to absorb: After moisturizing the under-eye area or any areas where you have fine lines – it’s important to allow any moisturizers and creams to fully absorb for the perfect concealer base.

Paso 4: Use a small amount of concealer: Applying too much product to the skin can cause creasing and also often isn’t necessary. After applying your foundation apply the concealer only where you need it and blend well. For the best results use the included applicator apply concealer and your fingertips to tap and blend – our Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer is perfect for this thanks to its ultra-blendable formula, lightweight feel and creamy texture.

Paso 5: Set concealer with powder: One of the easiest ways to prevent concealer from creasing is setting it with a powder. To prevent creasing, use a loose setting powder and a small fluffy blending brush to set your concealer in place – use a light pressing motion to press the powder into the skin and then gently blend any edges.

Concealer That Doesn’t Crease

If you’re looking for a concealer that doesn’t crease – look no further than our Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer – it’s hydrating, lightweight and provides ultra-blendable full coverage in an instant. Most importantly though it effortlessly covers dark circles under eyes without creasing and can also be used to cover dark spots, blemishes, and redness without settling into fine lines. Providing up to 24 hours of hydration it isn’t drying or cakey and the formula is even sweat-resistant.

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