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6 ideas y estilos de maquillaje para el día de San Valentín

Article Published: 21 January 2023

Descubra inspiración e ideas de maquillaje para el Día de San Valentín. Para el Día de San Valentín, encuentre estilos de maquillaje rosa, lápiz labial rojo y maquillaje rosa de oro, y mucho más.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Look #1: Pink Lipstick

Pink lipstick is often a more playful take on the classic red lipstick – it's bold and draws attention to the lips yet it’s a little more fun and fresher. Consider pairing pink lipstick with winged eyeliner for a Valentine’s Day makeup look which blends together an elegant eyeliner with playful lipstick.

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Look #2: Soft Pink Makeup

Pink is often a color in makeup that people tend to reserve for their lips or cheeks – but pink can also be worn on the eyes – and it’s a gorgeous color to try for Valentine’s day. Simply sweep a small amount of shimmering eyeshadow over the eyelids and layer a pinky toned shade over the eyelids before finishing off with multiple coats of Lash Idôle Mascara for fluttery romantic looking lashes.

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Look #3: lápiz labial rojo

Red lipstick will always be the makeup go-to when attempting to create a romantic and alluring makeup look – and sometimes the classics really are the best. If you’re looking to wear a red lipstick for valentine’s day consider a red lipstick and simple eyeliner combination. So, the focus stays on your lips and the eyes have an understated effect.

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Look #4: Rose Gold Makeup

Rose gold is a take on the classic gold but with a softer and more romantic tone. Warm, rosy, and soft tones are especially great for a valentine’s day makeup look and this rose gold eyeshadow teamed with warm rosy tones on the cheeks and lips.

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